Facebook To Launch New Tools To Stop Harassment!

Facebook, the biggest and the most used social media platform has announced the launch of special tools to prevent Facebook harassment on its portal as well as the messaging app, i.e. Messenger. The tools have been developed keeping in mind the feedback from both the users as well as organizations using this social media platform for their personal or business use. According to the feedback, there has been observed a significant increase in the level of harassment in past few months.

Facebook Harassment, Facebook tools to stop harassment

Firstly, Facebook is focusing on increasing the security feature in order to stop the people or the users creating the fake accounts (even if they are not harming or harassing anyone). This will be done by monitoring the IP addresses being used to create the new Facebook accounts. These advanced security feature will also take care of the people whom you have blocked in the past for harassment and prevent them adding you again by creating a new account.

In addition, Facebook is also adding a new feature to let you ignore the sender in the messaging app. Don’t worry, the sender will not get any kind of notification, when you ignore to mute him/her. This option will also help you out in case you want to keep yourself aware of whatever is happening in the mind of the harasser (in order to avoid any danger in the future). All you would need to do is mark the conversation as “Ignore”. This will automatically disable the notifications and move the entire conversation to the Filtered Message, where you can read every new message (along with the older ones, of course) without letting the harasser know that his/her messages are actively being read.

As of now, this all new security feature will be available for one on one conversation only. However, Facebook will definitely work on extending the same for groups. At present also, Facebook is strictly against such harassments and it has a number of rules to prevent bullying and harassment. But, even if it removes the contents or disable the accounts, there are ways around the rules with which users were harassing the other users.

By launching these new features, the main aim of the Facebook is to make this platform safe for everyone. You will be able to use these new security tools soon in your Facebook accounts, which is now a strong medium to stay connected to your friends and family.

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